Lagos, Peckham, Repeat:
Pilgrimage to the Lakes
South London Gallery
Known as ‘Little Lagos’, Peckham is home to one of the largest Nigerian diaspora communities in the UK. Lagos, Peckham, Repeat: Pilgrimage to the Lakes is a major group exhibition looking at the connections between Lagos in Nigeria and Peckham in south east London.

Co-curated by Folakunle Oshun, founder and director of the Lagos Biennial, together with South London Gallery (SLG). The exhibition highlights the relationships, culture, shared history, communities and art that link the two places. Themes explored include transnational exchange, a sense of place and the contemporary metropolis.

Photograph by Adama Jalloh. Entitled by Adeyemi Michael

Design process
My role was to create all the branding material that would best reflect the spirit of the exhibition, ensuring that the work of the artists featured and the message that Lagos, Peckham, Repeat (LPR) stands for would remain intact.

Before any work commenced, it was essential for me to have an understanding of the co-curators vision, for how they want both the Lagos and Peckham communities to understand and respond to the branding that they see. Keywords such as, community, diversity, connection, history, culture and colour, were elements I wanted my designs to reflect and portray.

I wanted to create a sense of connection between the three words of the title, so I achieved this by elongating and connecting certain letters within the name LPR. These letters became the ‘central point’ of the design, to direct the attention to how we view both communities to be connected. The heartbeat of any civilization. 

Read more about my collaboration with the curators on SLG’s Journal feature.

To celebrate the exhibition, SLG spoke with local creatives about how their relationships with London and Nigeria plays a role in their work.

South London Gallery


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