Still Breathing:
100 Black Voices on Racism,
100 Ways To Change The Narrative
The killing of George Floyd in the US became a benchmark for the sudden rise of global conversations about racism. The protests that followed to express shock, sorrow, and outrage revealed that racism is just as prevalent in the UK as well.

As a response, actresses Suzette Llewellyn and Suzanne Packer decided to create a publication where different experiences about racism, particularly in the UK, would be collected and acknowledged.

Published by HarperCollins, this publication focuses on 100 Black Voices from across the British community. Everyone featured has voiced their lived experiences to help us set up a true conversation about racism in Britain. Those featured include Bevelery Knight, David Lammy, Kwame Armah and Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin.

From the cover to interior, I designed the entire 300+ paged hardback publication. In terms of the design process, I was keen to make each feature bespoke through the editorial design process. This involved a typographic approach, which highlighted important aspects within the copy.

Our Chosen Charity
We wanted this book to be of benefit, not just in the reading, but in the money it made. We knew we wanted a charity that would enrich the life of those young children that we once were. All profits from the sales of this book will go to the Ashdon Jazz Academy.

The charity was started by Tricia Muirhead in 2015, following the tragic death of her daughter, Ashdon Muirhead, who ended her own life at the age of just 14 years. Ashdon struggled with peer pressure and aggression at school, and a lack of confidence about being herself in a society that pressurizes young women to be and act a certain way.

The main work of the charity is to assign a mentor with a mentee on a 1:1 basis. They meet, or speak regularly, and empower confidence, develop personal skills, help deal with the challenges, and are a listening ear to hundreds of young girls.

You can purchase a copy of the publication at most leading book stores including, WaterstonesFoyles, WHSmith and 

Since the launch of the publication, we've had the opportunity to have it exhibited at numerous galleries within the UK. Below images were taken at the Phoenix Art Space in Brighton, England.

A special mention to graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister and art director Steven Heller for reviewing the publication

Adobe MAX

The Adobe MAX conference is an annual event held by Adobe Systems.
The purpose of the event is to deliver learning, inspiration, and a sense of community to creative professionals.

I was approached by the team at Adobe MAX to be a speaker. My talk was titled, Empowering Community Through Collaboration and Editorial Design. Within my talk I discussed working on publications that are designed to inspire and empower the African community and its diaspora, such as the Still Breathing publication.

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