Adobe Live
Adobe Live is an online community where creatives can share ideas on topics such as illustration, graphic design, motion design and photography via live streams and live chats.

I was approached by Adobe to be part of a 3-day Live streamed series, showcasing my skills and design process to their audience. The event was broadcasted on Adobe's Youtube and Behance channels, and it was hosted by designer Kladi Vergine.

A Small Studio
Archietectural practice
I chose to work on a live project for one of my existing clients, A Small Studio, which is an architectural practice working on residential projects as well as landscape and urban design.

I designed a booklet which explores the landscape and urban design for bats to promote biodiversity within the city of London, in particular West Norwood. The aim is to help those living in urban environments to improve bats wellbeing through small design changes at home. This involves exploring planting and lighting.

In terms of the aesthetic of the booklet, it was influenced by Norwood Works Brand, which is a branded kit designed for local business to have more of a coherent look within the borough of Lambeth.

Content was supplied by the Bats Conservation Trust.

You can watch my 3-day Adobe Live series here.

Adobe Host
Since completing my own Adobe Live session, I've been invited by Adobe to be a regular host on their channel. This opportunity to host has allowed me to meet some amazing creatives from various parts of the world and have a deeper understanding of their work process. You can watch our previous sessions on the below links:

Illustrator and animator Storm Stewart
Designer & Illustrator Jessica Miller
Multidisciplinary creative Ashley Fouyolle
UI/UX designer Jack Watson
Creative Director Caz Cusumano
Visual Strategist Kladi Vergine
Graphic designer Shantanu Sharma
Illustrator & Graphic designer Sinead Taylor
Illustrator & Storyteller Raquel Costa
Graphic designer & Illustrator Jacob Paris
Graphic designer Paul O’Brien
Designer & Author Tony Harmer

Video creator and photographer Nathaniel Dodson
Brand director Diana Jakubcova
Graphic designer & Illustrator Jacob Paris
Graphic designer Erin Grace Johnson
Artist & designer Diana Herrara
Graphic designer Shyne Webster
Creative director Alex Lazaris 
Brand designer Kevin Craft
Author & Illustrator Markita Staples
Visual storyteller Cyn Lagos
Photographer Obidigbo Nzeribe

Graphic designer Hayley Fedders
Brand designer Whitney Kerney

Art director Rachel Roth
Graphic designer Isabelle Poirier
YouTuber & designer Lisa Siefert
Communications designer Ester Wikström

Adobe Live from D&AD 23’
I had the opportunity to host live (in-person) for Adobe at the Truman Brewery, as part of their partnership with D&AD. I hosted 8 creatives across two days. All our streams can be found on the below links:

Photographer Rich McCor aka.Paperboyo
Writer & Director Danny Sangra
Photographer Luca Peterson
Visual/Art Director Grace McNally
Public speaker / Author Stefanie Sword-Williams
Director/Photographer Andrea Astarita
Managing Director Michael Olaye
Creative Director Ravi Hitchcock


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